Thursday, July 21, 2011

Life is unfair...

Life is unfair. This isn't a quote or a statement copied from somewhere. I just want to tell you what I think, what I feel, what I know.

When you Google 'Life quotes', you get millions of responses. Some say 'Life is nothing without Love' and some try to encourage us to 'Live life to its best'. But Life is not easy. Its not about just living it. We have to survive through it...all of it.

Love...what is it actually?? Being wrapped up in your beloved's arms or spending your time thinking about/stalking the one you are in love with..? People say 'love your friends'. But can anybody tell who is your true friend? Or whose just pretending to be one??
When I look around, I see people using friendship for their personal gain. Denial, betrayal, lies, all are a huge part of the Big Bad World we live in. Yes, the world is Bad. Actually its full of shit, and we are buried in it.

We deal with so many kinds of people having different characteristics and behavior. We try our best to fit in. But life puts us through so much that at some point we feel that we just can't take it anymore.
It seems that all the good and happiness and loyalty has disappeared from this planet. They only exist in movies, novels and fantasy world.

According to me, the only love that is pure is of your parents (in normal circumstances). Your mother and father raise you to be a better person. They guide you and they'll always stand with you.

Life has its good parts and bad parts. But sometimes the bad part stretches so much that we forget what the good one was like. I don't want to give the impression that I am some failure/loser who has given up on life. If I'd been one of those, I'd be in much worse situation and not writing this right now. I am fighting and so should you.

We are humans, and we have our limits. We tend to get nervous, depressed, lonely. And that takes over whole our life. We can't just go on with that negative attitude. We have to live. So just find that tiny bit of positive energy around you and fight your shitty situation.
That's the key to sail through this drama called LIFE.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Update Yourself Through Colors!

My Mom found an old box on which this article was written. I checked it out for some people and the results were almost correct! You should try it too!

The below table consists of numbers and alphabets. You need to add the numbers corresponding to the alphabets in your name (full name). Also, you need to add the numbers in your date of birth.
For example: If name is ANNA JONES, the calculation would be 1+5+5+1+1+6+5+5+1=30=>3+0=3=> corresponds to color yellow.
If date of birth is 2/11/1991, the calculation would be 2+1+1+1+9+9+1=24=>2+4=6=> corresponds to color indigo.

Red               1     A      J      S
Orange          2      B      K      T
Yellow           3      C      L      U
Green           4      D      M      V
Blue              5      E      N      W
Indigo           6      F      O      X
Purple           7      G      P      Y
Rose Pink      8      H      Q      Z
Sun Gold        9      I       R

Under ideal conditions, both the name and birth color should match. In case they are different, like in the above example, then both will have a combined effect on the individual's personality.


RED-- You are creative, very dynamic, with leadership qualities. At times, you can be destructive and cruel. You are prone to indulge in physical violence due to a short tempered nature.

ORANGE-- You are wam hearted, generous and fearless person. 
You sometimes tend to be very proud, pessimist and misleading. You have a lot 
of strength.

YELLOW-- You are known for your mental ability, quickness and originality.
You tend to make a lot of enemies due to your sarcastic and critical 
nature. Your remarks can be very acidic. You are very confident and 

GREEN-- You are very practical, tactful and progressive person. 
You may be selfish, jealous and greedy. You are productive and highly discriminating.

BLUE-- You are quite and spiritual. You may be emotionally 
unstable, superstitious and very sentimental. You have a lot of patience 
and are full of wisdom.

INDIGO-- You are very obedient and dramatic. You can be a good 
writer. You can be a fanatic, ritualistic and can lie. You tend to believe in 
idealism and have an unflinching nature.

PURPLE-- You are dignified, ruthless and very pompous. You are 
innovative, selfless and spiritually arrogant.

ROSE PINK-- You are mature, very sensitive, affectionate, faithful 
and forgiving. You can be immature at times and tend to trust people 

SUN GOLD-- You are generous, mature and have lot of wisdom. You 
may be suspicious and pessimist. You can be extremely gracious, joyous and a great achiever.

Do tell me what answer you got for yourself! And if it was true or not. :)
Have fun!!